For example, “In accordance with Article 4, Section 8…”, and this has a different meaning than “In accordance with Article 4, Section 8…” Why is this so strange? I looked a bit in the OED at the use of “as per” (strange in itself for the combination of two prepositions). It was first used in 1869 as a “slang” form “as usual”. But I came across an entry that has a similar meaning to what you`re looking for here: “from.” In 2005, Bougainville voters elected their own parliament, in accordance with a 2003 agreement. In addition, as per is redundant. Per, without aces, conveys the same meaning. And in some cases, as in itself, would work as well as per, especially with the usual sentence as usual – for example: in English we use “after…” ». To quote someone else. Quoting yourself is clearly absurd unless you`re quoting a work you`ve published or something you`ve formally written. Citing your opinion or knowledge makes no sense. Here could be deleted without loss of meaning.

After entering opposition territory, it was monitored by Russian drones, a fact confirmed by the Russian Defense Ministry, which had also been equipped with accurate GPS coordinates of the route to be taken and the destination, in accordance with the agreement reached with Syrian officials. Finally, the British withdrew in accordance with the agreements of the Treaty of Paris (1763). I withdraw my words because, in response to your comment, it is not entirely logical to re-read them. So I clearly misinterpreted your meaning, sorry for that. It was already used in 1446 and only in 1989. The difference, I think, has been raised: this meaning implies an obligation or a requirement. No other ensues seem to be approaching, which corresponds to my own mental lexicon for “per” and “as per”. It does not fit with this situation. Per means, so you can actually say “according to our agreement, you must…” ». As in your first sentence, it`s pleonastic and it looks affected: I would avoid it. The very frequent “as usual” is a humorous prolixity. “In addition to our dual recording agreement with Whitehaven, we will try to take advantage of our agreement with London to allow Widnes players to develop their careers.” The issue will arrive before December, in accordance with our agreement.

Similar agreements followed with Britain, France and Russia, as well as a defense agreement with other Gulf countries. Then he said, “Transfer 10 percent of the amount I was able to recover from DS and DG under my agreement with carson [sic]. on my HSBC account in the UK.” For example, the mineral and organic quantities of fertilizers and the corresponding application times were adjusted as inputs in the model on the basis of the measurements obtained by farmers in accordance with the agreement concluded with the TTV authority, as explained above. According to the agreement with the Air Force, no biomedical research can be conducted on animals. Under the previous agreement, Hero Honda was not allowed to export motorcycles. [] Whether it is necessary to use it by or after is the same as an archaic form or general use. In some areas (for example. B right), it is more common to see by, so you could use it to set the tone as legal. It`s arrogant and asymmetrical. First learn an Indian language of your choice (after an Indian invasion) and then, after changing something in the nuances of that language, listen to an Indian criticize you for using their language so wrong..

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