Once your credit application has been accepted, Premium Credit creates a credit agreement and establishes it by email to explain the payment plan. Isn`t this only related to the fact that insurance is valued on the basis of aggregate risk – aggregated both on the customer population and on the duration of the insurance? So you can buy no less than a year of car insurance – you`re making a bet with the insurance company on the likelihood of an accident * at any time in the next 12 months *, and they think it`s a predictable (-enough) mix of high risk time and low risk time over the next 12 months. So they don`t want to sell you monthly insurance because they may have to wonder if the insurance should cost more in January than in June, and you could buy another insurance at different times of the year. The credit agreement is a way to be absolutely explicit about what is going on – you clearly separate the obligation to buy insurance at 12 months (paid in advance) from the process of deferral of payments. It seems like a good thing. I guess these are actually a number of fairly clear regulatory/legal things that are related to insurance that needs to be paid in advance, but I don`t know any details. It is important that you read your credit agreement with the other information contained in your welcome letter/email. To start from the financing, please sign a copy of your credit agreement and send it back to us. The monthly direct debit is managed by our partner Premium Credit Ltd and your credit agreement is directly theirs.

The credit agreement states that you will be charged £10 if they have to write to you to remind you to either sign online or return the paper copy of the signed agreement. The above information is only relevant for home and auto policies If a policy is purchased this way, Premium Credit will contact you, as you must agree to the terms of your credit agreement. You must return the signed agreement, or you will be charged £10 if they have to write to remind you. This appears as a pc/homeprotect on your account statement. The credit limit is the amount of credit that is provided without interest so that you can pay your insurance policy on monthly payments. This credit can only be used to pay for insurance policies under this credit agreement Yes, you can make a payment with another person`s credit card, but we need authorization from the cardholder to accept payment. This is usually done either orally over the phone or via a third-party authorization form. If you have received an email, it is because you can accept the terms of the credit agreement. You must follow the instructions in the email and sign the document online.

Insurance is not so much on an ongoing basis, technically you buy it at a point – the beginning – for a whole year. I see, however, that you have anticipated:>>>>One else can say that I receive insurance for a whole year in advance, and I have it now, and this is mine, so it makes sense to pay for it at the beginning (and therefore the distribution of payments is credit). . . .

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