IT`S FAST. Your project will be completed within five (5) working days following The search for all the information we need to prepare your custom pre-marriage contract and will be sent to you for verification. A CUSTOMIZATION, READY-TO-SIGN PRENUP. Your lawyer will make all the necessary changes to conclude your marriage pact on the basis of the follow-up call and will send them to you at the signing. We can confidently say that pre-ups designed by our criminal history can provide additional security for your couple`s life. Your lawyer guides you through the trial and works on a tailored pre-marriage agreement that works for you and your spouse. Our package is the ideal option for couples on a limited budget. First, they set out in the agreement the property that each person brings to the marriage (which is identified as a separate property) in order to determine who has the right to manage, control, own and sell this separate property, which is usually only the spouse who owns that separate property. It will also agree on which separate properties have been introduced into the marriage, which is useful for the division of ownership in the event of divorce.

Create and sign a premarital written agreement that will allow them to regain control of their rights in a way that meets their needs. Affordable packages are listed, so you always know what the price is. PRENUP REVIEW CONSULTATION. After you and your fiancé have had the opportunity to read and discuss your marriage pact, you will plan a follow-up call with your lawyer. During this appeal, your lawyer will answer all questions, make sure you understand the document and discuss any changes that may be necessary. There are many reasons to get a pre-marital agreement (also known as a marital agreement or “Prenup”)! To protect yourself by pre-marriage agreements… A pre-marital agreement (or marital agreement) is probably the most important contract a couple can consider before marriage. A pre-marital agreement is only an agreement that each couple makes before entering into the legal matrimonial union. In addition to marital agreements, we regularly support individuals with documents that help plan for the future, such as simple wills. Pre-legal and post-court agreements are among the most misunderstood legal documents.

Many people think that these kinds of agreements are only for the rich or for those who are convinced that their marriage will not stop. It is better to think of these instruments as a kind of insurance policy. They hope they never have to rely on them, but they will protect your assets if the unthinkable happens. PRENUP PLANNING CONSULTATION. Your lawyer will plan a call with you to explore the conditions that will be included in your prenup, which best suit your needs, and answer any questions you may have. This conversation is an important part of the process, as your input allows us to design a custom agreement for your specific situation. At Warkentine Law Firm in Broomfield, Colorado, we can help you establish an agreement that is tailored to your situation and also protects your interests.

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