10. CONSENT TO PROCESSING OF INFORMATIONThe Bank will treat confidentially information about me or myself, including, but not only, all information relating to my accounts, transactions, credit relationships and/or credit facilities (the “information”), except that, for the purposes of this agreement and in relation to implementation, management, management and improvement of their respective products by the bank and group of BPI (i) services companies, (ii) pursuing their marketing, advertising, communication, trade and research objectives, (iii) regular business activities and/or (iii) compliance with the requirements of applicable applicable government legislation and/or regulatory authorities or oversight bodies; I agree with directors, senior managers, directors, consultants, accountants, agents and representatives (together “bank representatives”) and the BPI group of companies. (a) collection; use, storage, consolidation and processing (summary, “process” or “processing”) of information;b) outsourcing the processing of information to service providers, whether inside or outside the Philippines; (c) verify or validate information from all sources and appropriately, including, but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Office (i) to establish the authenticity of my income tax return (RTI) and related accounts that I submitted to the Bank or a member of the BPI group; and (ii) courts, governmental or administrative authorities or arbitration tribunals on the status of a case or proceeding in which I am involved.d) disclosure and disclosure of information:i) between the bank and members of the BPI group of companies) to credit information or investigation companies; credit bureaus (including, but not limited, credit information corporation (CIC), pursuant to Act 9510 and its rules and regulations, financial institutions, consumer or reference reporting agencies, credit protection or guarantee agencies, brokers, insurers, insurers; (iii) a judicial, governmental, governmental, regulatory or equivalent entity of the Philippines or other jurisdictions; a natural or legal person, as required by the laws or regulations of a country responsible for the affairs or operations of the bank or a member of the BPI group of companies; The exchange on which the shares or other securities of the bank or a member of the BPI group of companies are listed in accordance with their rules; (iv) against an acquirer or potential beneficiary of the bank`s rights and/or obligations arising from relevant contracts or agreements;v) to service providers acting by the bank or by a member of the BPI group of companies; or marketing, advertising, network, loyalty programs and joint ventures and other relevant external parties, whether they are inside or outside the Philippines (together the “stakeholders”); and (vi) for other persons or entities that the bank or a member of the BPI group of companies may deem necessary or appropriate to facilitate or likely to facilitate the above purposes, as circumstances require. The above constitutes my explicit agreement, in accordance with existing data protection legislation in the Philippines and other jurisdictions, and undertakes to retain the bank, bank representatives, DB Group members and relevant parties free of any debt, claim, damage and any form of redress that may arise in the context of the implementation and compliance with the authorization I have granted under this Agreement. The above approval applies and applies for the duration of this agreement.

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