Users can sign in when receiving email notifications from iTunes Connect. Users with the administrator role can edit notifications for other users. We strongly recommend that you opt for all notifications relevant to your role. The following notifications are available: • Content: explanation of content refusals and how to correct transmission errors. • Agreements: updates to the status of agreements (e.g. B warnings about the expiry of agreements) or where additional information on the contract is required. • Financial Reports: New financial reports are available for download on iTunes Connect. • Payments: Payments returned from your bank. • Pre-order reports: lack of assets for xml-only pre-orders. These notifications are sent eight days, five days and three days before the pre-order publication date. • Download Failure Reports: Music content cannot be downloaded to Apple Music and iTunes.

• Weekly Download Reports: A list of content downloaded to Apple Music and iTunes during the week. If you have offered books for free and want to add the option to the sale of your books, just apply for and fill out an agreement on the books paid in agreements, taxes and banks. If I understand correctly and you want to sign someone else`s legal roll, you need to do so under the Users and Roles tab in iTunes Connect. To change the user`s roles, you need the administrator account. If you want to change the Apple ID that signs all contacts, this is unfortunately not possible. In most cases, this is the first email with which the account was originally created. This unfortunately needs to stay the same unless you convert from a private account to a business account. I hope it helps. – All other services (including iTunes Store, Apple Music and Apple Podcasts): In the Request contracts section at the top of the page, select the right legal entity from the drop-down menu and click on request for the corresponding contractual region.

If you need to add a new legal entity, you can do so by clicking on the “Add a new legal entity” button. If your company has restructured, changed its name or merged with another entity, contact our legal department to explain your situation and provide the necessary documents. The name of the legal entity and the tax identification number of your agreement must correspond exactly to what you indicated in your application. Note: Only contact information can be updated once agreements have been signed. If you had a mailing address change after your contracts with Apple were processed, you should contact the iTunes legal team with your new address information so that it can be properly updated.. . . .

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