Once on a master contract, your social enterprise is not the option to terminate with the county, you will be open to a number of possibilities for bidding for contracts. Here you can explore some relevant open master contracts. To access the MSA app, please visit dmh.lacounty.gov/contract-opportunities/open-solicitations/ and search for RFSQ for Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) No. DMH030719B1. LCS has several master`s contracts with many public sector clients. These master contracts were awarded because we were able to offer these agencies exceptional value for their Oracle software and services needs. If you have any questions about filling the RFSQ to be included in the DMH master contract list, please email SolicitationsTeam@dmh.lacounty.gov. A master contract means that your social enterprise receives employment contracts via e-mail, which are simplified and expedited district contract applications. In addition, buyers in the department will be even more encouraged to ask you, since you have already been reviewed in the application process. Most departments first consider their master`s contracts when making offers as an expedited opportunity to enter into a contract. For example, the Internal Services Division (ISD), one of the largest divisions in LA County, uses master`s contracts for 52% of its expenses, most of which are small to medium contracts. However, once a contract has reached the cost of $15,000, the department must obtain offers from the public in its entirety on the ISD website. A master`s contract is a preferred credit list managed by a specific LA County service or service.

There are framework contracts for a number of services, from street cleaning to employment and training services. To attract candidates to a master`s convention, departments establish a so-called Performance Establishment (RFSQ) application, to which candidates must submit a Performance Statement (SoQ) detailing their company`s skills, context and finances. MTG has a contract with the LA County Services Department for Enterprise Information Technology Services. For more information on these contracts and certifications, please click on the contract/certification listed, email us or call our free number at: 855-277-5527.

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