1) Luke had already concluded, at the beginning of his hiring, a binding contract on the conditions of confidentiality and the fact that no trailer or other work in the company should go out or be discussed. Respect for a company`s confidentiality and respect is part of the fundamental work ethic and every employee must comply with it in order to ensure long-term respect for their work and earn the trust of employers. Gasket. Lukas should re. To his surprise, the leaked version of the trailer inspired a cult following the upcoming release. Instead of hurting sales and revealing secrets, the leaked trailer drew a larger crowd than expected, triggering unintentional ads on the internet. “I take confidentiality agreements seriously – everyone in this industry has to do it,” Luke said. “I don`t know who leaked the video, but I`m lucky she helped the film. If that wasn`t the case, I would have been under a lot of pressure from those above me and I would have fought to regain their trust. » Link to case study: www.scu.edu/ethics/focus-areas/business-ethics/resources/leaked-movie-trailer/ Despite the strict security measures, Luke came to work one morning and discovered that his trailer had leaked on the internet and was available on fan sites and blogs. The trailer had already been handed over to other employees for inspection, so it was impossible to determine where the leak was coming from.

Luke was worried about the safety of his job – although this leak was not his fault, he feared the effects of the filmmaker and the producers who entrusted him with their film. *Introduction* Business ethics seem to follow one another in the same place with large companies every year. It is a game of superiors in power and their ability to commit hidden crimes. After all, crimes cannot be noticed or carried out without further delay. It is increasingly hot when it comes to the violation of a customer`s assets or liabilities entrusted to a company or individual. Respect for its ownership is a basic rule for any business. Unfortunately, unethical companies go beyond their agreement with their customers and worse; it contains offences. In recent research, a charge has been brought against the CEO of a company after ordering one of its executives to transfer millions of dollars from a customer`s fortune to cover a bank overdraft. This turned out to be unethical and attracted thousands of negative reviews and criticism. We can also say that it is selfish and that it does not correspond to what is expected of an organization. This case study will be taken to deeper levels of accusations and how they were confronted.

The company in the spotlight is MF Global and its CEO, Jon Corzine. *Who should be responsible?* Recently, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission filed an appeal against MF Global CEO Jon Corzine. . . .

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