NASA negotiates a collective agreement (CA) with the University of Alberta that sets out the terms and conditions for non-university staff. Below is the current collective agreement, the collective agreement 2016 – 2019. 26.6.3 Part-time and part-time temporary workers working less than 24 hours per week are subject to 25 people (25%) A discount. Full-time contract workers have a fixed-term authorization at an annual rate of 1/3. 3.4.2 The University is committed to allowing the association`s general meetings on the last Wednesday of September, November, January and March from 4 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. Members who attend these meetings give up their afternoon rest. Members request at least one day prior to the meeting permission to attend these meetings by their direct supervisor. Such authorization is granted, unless such an authorization results in the lack of sufficient staff to maintain an adequate level of service in the department. 17.11.1 Section 17.7 questionnaires or section 17.8 requests for reconsideration must be accompanied by a completed position description. Before submission, the position description must be verified by the member and the manager. The document filed must contain both signatures to indicate that they correspond to the content of the document. 31.2.3 If the university refuses a research committee for a department head that is not mentioned in section 31.2.2, staff who report to the head of department elect their representatives to the majority research committee.

The parties also agree that the university will not implement a process to verify the credit history of members of the bargaining unit unless an audit is required to ensure compliance with the payment card industry (PCI). These procedures would be subject to the mutual consent of the university and the association. 15.7 When a member ousts a member on a temporary basis, the ousted member exercises his seniority rights at the end of that position according to the procedure described in section 15.3. However, for the expelled Member of Parliament, any agreement on the length of the appointment is cancelled.

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