The following grants are considered unenforceable (22): where a final conclusion is negative, all cash deposits made during the application period or interim measures are repaid and all debt securities are released promptly. The Executive Member`s Government undertakes to eliminate or limit the subsidy or to take other action with respect to its effects; specificity. However, assuming that a measure constitutes a subsidy within the meaning of the SCM Agreement, it is not subject to the SCM Convention, unless it has been specifically made available to a company or group of companies or a group of companies or industries. The fundamental principle is that a subsidy that distorts the allocation of resources within an economy must be disciplined. In the event that a subsidy is widespread within an economy, it is considered that such a distortion will not occur in the allocation of funds. Therefore, only specific grants are subject to the disciplines of the SCM Convention. There are four types of specificities within the meaning of the SCM agreement: exporters, foreign producers or interested members who receive questionnaires used in a countervailing duty investigation must be granted in response for at least 30 days. Any request for an extension of the 30-day period should be given due consideration and such an extension should be granted on the basis of this reason, whenever possible. If your business is commercially harmed by subsidized competition, two remedies can be applied under the subsidy agreement: a disputed WTO settlement or a countervailing duty investigation by the U.S. Department of Commerce. The subsidy agreement can also be very useful if your company`s exports become the target of a subsidy survey initiated by another country. Provisional measures and countervailing duties apply only to products imported into consumption after the effective date of the section 17, paragraph 1 or article 19 decision, subject to the exceptions in this article.

For more information on the Department of Commerce`s efforts to implement the grants, visit the Grant Administration Office`s website. In addition, you can learn more about filing a compensatory tax claim by visiting the import administration website. The petitioners` advice is available via e-mail: evidence that alleged harm to a domestic industry caused by subsidized imports is caused by the effects of subsidies; This evidence includes information on changes in the volume of allegedly subsidized imports, the impact of these imports on the prices of the similar product on the domestic market, and the impact of imports on domestic industry, such as relevant factors and indices affecting the domestic industry, as evidenced by the elements listed in paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 15.

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