In order to finance working capital defaults or financing transaction fees related to an initial business combination intent, our sponsor sponsor or partner of our sponsor or some of our executives and directors may lend us funds that are needed. If we complete our first combination of businesses, we would repay those borrowed amounts. In the event that our first business combination is not closed, we may use a portion of the working capital held outside the trust account to repay these borrowed amounts, but no proceeds from our trust account would be used for such a refund. Up to $1,500,000 of these credits can be converted into additional units of the post-business business, at the lender`s choice. The units would be identical to private placement units. The terms of these loans by our executives and directors, if any, have not been defined and there are no written agreements on these loans. We do not expect to obtain credit from parties other than our sponsor or an affiliate of our sponsor, as we do not believe that third parties will be willing to lend such funds and waive all rights in order to gain access to the funds in our trust account. Even if the current share price is lower than the exercise price, the warrant may still have some time value and can therefore be sold for something. If the trader decides to sell the option instead of exercising it, you sell the warrant in your trading account, as you would another stock or option.

Set the price at which it should be sold, the quantity, and all the other order settings you want. The warrant may be based on a report chosen by the company. It may require five warrants for one action, or 10 or 20. If you are selling or exercising an option, make sure you know all the provisions of the warrant in order to finish with the number of shares (and exercise the number of warrants) you want. A warrant holder may exercise the warrant if the current share price is higher than the exercise price of the warrant. The holder of a war war war except as stated in the VectoIQ SEC reports (to the extent that the character of such disclosure appears in the content of these VectoIQ SEC reports, however, without any indication to which reference is made in the forward-looking statements, the “Risk Factors” and other information contained in them, as long as they are forward-looking or cautionary or related to forward-looking statements) (it is recognized that nothing in the such an SEC report is not considered amended or qualified. the insurance and guarantees provided in Section 5.01 (Corporate Organization), Section 5.03 (Capitalisation) and Section 5.04 (Authority on this agreement) and guarantees the company the following way: the founder and the anchor investor have purchased a total of 890.00 1000 private placement places (including 90,000 private placement units related to the exercise of the over-allotment option) at a price of USD 10.00 per private Placement Unit (8,900,000 USD in total) in a private placement. Each private offering unit consists of one common share (z.B common shares included in the private offering units, “private shares”) and a warrant (a private guarantee). Any private share warrant allows the holder to acquire a common share at a price of $11.50 per share, subject to an adjustment (see Note 6). Revenues from private investment funds were added to the proceeds of the IPO of the trust account. If the entity does not enter into a business combination period, the proceeds from the sale of the private trust units are part of the distribution of the liquidation to public shareholders and the private guarantees are worthless.

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