All but the most singularly focused have expereinced head mess.

Re-held conversations.  Re-litigated issues.  Re-fought battles. Re-visited wrongs, disappointments and defeats. We entertain endless, pointless chatter  that annoys us.  Troubles us.  Keeps us uncomfortable and negatively occupied.

Oddly, we much less often rerun our victories.  Infrequently have an endless loop of joy running in our minds.  Thrilling us repeatedly with all the good things that have happened.

Oh, no.

It’s the bad.  The ugly.  The stuff that angers and belittles that we mentally chew on.  Over and over.  With no one else there but ourselves.  The negative seems to have greater power. It subdues or even obliterates the positive.  Creates a constant mess in our heads. 

In short,  that junk in our heads is not bothering anyone but us.  And,  clever and amusing as Steven Tyler’s question might be, it’s no laughing matter.

Negative head noise is a challeging issue. One most worth tackling if we want to live guilt-, anger-, envy- or worry-free. 

It’s up to us.  We can succumb to the endless, negative loop or consciously and repeatedly decide to replace the mess with – at the very least – quiet neutrality.

It’s a worthy battle to face and win.  If only moment to moment.  Which brings us into day to day.

The most satisfying present.

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