This piece – written by Judith K. Morgan following an in-depth breathing workshop- reveals the magnificent gifts of mindful breathing.breath.jpgTHE ART OF BREATHING. We come together – strangers for the most part – to learn to breathe.How absurd!  We’ve been breathing, some of us, for 60     years.Yet as the hours and days pass, we realize we have much    to learn about breathing. And as we are taught these new techniques, we begin torecognize there is more to this than mere science. First it’s Ujjayi breathing, then it’s Bhostrika – a little trickybut not too hard.Then we’re told we’re going to do a Sudrashan Kruja –nothing more than normal breaths but in a rhythmicpattern from slow, to moderate, to fast and back toslow again – a piece of cake – WRONG!

Our instructors skipped telling us this would go on for 30 

minutes-no stopping, no sleeping!

Are you kidding? – they should have said, no passing out!

Well, we were committed, so breathe we did-and sweat,

and ache, and tingle and go numb.

This can’t happen to a body just from breathing!!

But they swore on the altar to Ravi Shankar this was not

dangerous, would cause no harm.

And, indeed, we all survived the experience long enough

to reap the reward of total relaxation–to sleep, to

stop breathing, to leave our bodies, to weep, to return

to the womb, to know the eternal, to become steamed


This WAS beyond science!

Moreover, as we contemplated, shared, gazed into brown eyes

and blue, took sustenance together, exposed our egos

and sat in quiet,

Our awareness grew, our prejudices dissolved, our hearts were

opened, our separateness began to blur;

And these who came as strangers, at the end, knew a new truth.

Behind the brown eyes and blue, alike, the color of our souls is the

same–it is the color of God–we really are One. 

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