Sometimes it feels diffcult. Scary. Even impossible.

We have such high expectations of ourselves that we simply can’t face the truth.

That often we’re not positive, helpful or nice. 

Far from it, we have unkind – even ugly – thoughts.

Instead of hiding from our imperfections, it’s more helpful to realize that we all have wrong or bad thinking. Mental glitches. Prejudices. That’s part of being human. 

But, when we shut our eyes to our flaws – most notably the things we find exceptionally disturbing – we stunt our growth. Thwart the process of discovery and change.

Instead of shutting down, the better challenge is to uncover the things about ourselves that might be harmful to us or others.

Stop being afraid of our own thoughts. Stop judging them and ourselves and start understanding and accepting that we are simply imperfect as human beings are designed to be.  That’s when we begin the real journey into self-discovery, change and victory over things that overshadow our good and comfortable selves.

Facing the truth about ourselves is the most helpful, healthy, freeing thing we can do.

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