Ah, yes.   Many of us seek it.  Need it.  Crave it.  Demand it of ourselves and others.


Not to mention that it is ever-changing and strictly in the eye of the beholder, it can seem like a reasonable if not appropriate thing to reach for.

So what could be wrong with seeking perfection?

Especially for those whose parents, teachers, mentors and others encouraged, expected or required it.

Well-meaning that some of those instructors may have been, what they failed to realize is that the quest for perfection can also lead to a tortured life.

Chronic disappoinment. 


A sense of constant failure due to impossibly high standards that neither we nor others can reach.

Those are just some of the possible results of living a life in pursuit of perfection.

Human behavior researcher and author, Dr. Brene Brown, urges us to take a break. Her newest book, The Gifts of Imperfection, “urges us to expose and expel our insecurities in order to have the most fulfilling life possible.”

In other words, not only live with them but embrace our imperfections. 

Seek the lessons they teach us instead of trying to kill them off.

Release the stress of overdoing and overworking that results from the quest for perfection.

After all, when we grasp the fact that our human journey is really about learning and experiencing rather than condeming ourselves to repetitive, unsuccessful attempts at clearing the bar of perfection, we can actually start to expand our horizons. Freely learn new things.  Experience renewal. Even – once again – be silly, childlike and have some real fun.

How about that?

Sounds perfectly delicious to me.

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