Ben Franklin said, “He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” Ouch!  But, right on.  Justifications.  Rationales.  Excuses.  Under any name, they keep us impotent and unaccountable. They hurt us. At least, they reinforce our limitations. At worst, they prepare us for failure.  In almost all instances, they keep us stuck. Occasionally, we all use them. So, let’s not be so unforgiving. But when we rely on them, have some so grooved in our brain that they’re automatic, we’re clearly in trouble.   Listening to our internal riffs is a big help in uncovering our pattern of excuse making. You know – it’s the job, the kids, the dog.  Whatever.  It’s all so blaming and unattractive. The truth is that most people would rather hear a flat out ‘NO’ than some lame, see-through excuse.  Add in all the properly touted empowerment that comes with being definitive and setting boundaries and we can easily see why each move away from excuses is a move towards greater self-respect.

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