jaxxcomeshomea1.jpgI wasn’t looking.  Or craving. Or even resisting.  I was just in neutral. 

Then along came Jaxx.

No one knows if he strayed or was  abandoned. Someone simply found him and dropped him off at the VCA Academy Hospital here in town. Lucky kitty, he.

Jaxx weighed just 15 ounces and had a serious viral infection that compromised his lungs and eyes.  He was one sick little kitty. But, thanks to the generous and caring vets who gave him the most robust, top-quality care, he got better until it looked like he was ready for a real home.

His picture was posted some months ago but it was just last week that one of my friends spotted it, tore it off the wall and handed it to me. I went to visit Pirate as he was then called  – you know, that one eye problem – who was hidden away in the isolation ward. He wasn’t eager to come out of his cage and interview.  There were continuing problems with his health.  I had questions. And – well – my heart hadn’t begun to melt quite yet.

Then Dr. WIlber called back.  I went for another visit.  And that was that.  Oh, except for one other quirky little thing.The intake vet who had recently joined this practice was the very same doctor who had seen me and SugarFoote through his final days.  Luck?  Fate?  Coincidence? Who knows.  I guess I was just ready to take a chance on love…again.

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