stevejobs.jpgSteve Jobs is a master of presentation.  His outlook is brilliant – “I love beautiful objects. I love creating them. Negative people upset me.” And, he seems totally effortless when he presents.  So what’s his biggest secret?  PRACTICE.  That’s right – Steve Jobs practices.Frankly, it’s not one of my favorite things to do. In fact, much to my embarrassment, the only time I really rehearse is – well – when I’m at rehearsal! (The Master Chorale of South Florida).And the price I pay for this stubborness is that I seldom deliver award-winning presentations. Oh, I’m good.  I can engage an audience and leave them with good stuff.  But ‘WOW’ them Steve Jobs style?  NO.So you’ll notice a new goal on my list:  Be willing to practice. Next question you might have is what’s with the ‘be willing’ part?  I’ve learned over the years that sometimes we have to back up for a jump start. If I just said I’m going to practice but I knew in my heart I wasn’t yet willing, I’d wind up with a failed goal.  So – first – the willingness. And, I’ll let you know when I change it to PRACTICE!  Meanwhile – here’s a look at the kind of perfection Jobs delivers after he practices!

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