Gift-giving is often a challenge.

Not for showers or weddings when gifts are selected from a registry of things for which the recipient has already stated a preference.

Rather for those individual gifts from one to another that require thought and caring.

When the value is not in the dollars spent but in the meaning and appropriateness of the chosen item.

That’s when gift-giving becomes an art.

One that my sister, Judy, has down to perfection.

She knows I love to sweep.  I find it soothing.  Calming. Cleansing.  And, I do it often to great satisfaction.

So one birthday, instead of choosing something small, glamorous, easily-shipped or something she’d like to receive – the oft error of many a gift-giver – here comes a BROOM. 

Not just any broom.  The most perfect, beautiful broom.  In colors I love.

Year after year, she manages to surprise and delight along these lines.

Her gift is not only the present itself but the listening she does prior to choosing.  The care she takes in the selecting.  The joy she delivers in gifting that which I will cherish.

That’s a gift well-chosen.

And, the one she receives in return is the love I send her every day as I reverently sweep.

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