Some of us think we’re always supposed to go it alone. Be tough. Suck it up. 

Trust me.  I know.

What we overlook in that mode is if people like –  or better yet, love – us, they want to be a significant and important part of our lives.

They actually pay attention to what’s happening with us, note when we’re ‘off’ or might need support or help.  And, they jump at the chance to be there for us.

In turn, those of us who are super-independent promptly say, “No thank you.”

Caring colleagues, friends and family members may try this repeatedly. But the time will soon come when they give up. 

And, why not?

Who wants to keep caring about and offering help to someone who continually refuses to accept it.  Better to move onto others who welcome their involvement and appreciate their support.

That’s the dangerous, probably undesired downside of being one tough cookie.

Eventually, people just stop caring.

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