Given the challenging current U.S. unemployment rate, it can be increasingly difficult for those out of work to stay motivated and optimistic as they search for their next position. Staying focused, organized and disciplined on a daily basis is essential.

Next, the advantage will go to the person who totally ignores the ‘competition’ and stays relentlessly out of negative or defeatist territory. This alone will create an attractiveness to such a job candidate. Refusing to dwell on thoughts of how long one has been unemployed or the fear of how long this status might last will also help keep job seekers in a positive frame of mind. In fact, it’s imperative to concentrate on BEING EMPLOYED.  Seeing one’s self going to work and being productive.

In addition, there are a couple of things that will help those out of work stay in good mental frame of mind during such a search.

First, find a dedicated ‘action’ partner. There are critical qualifications such a person must fulfill including being gainfully (and appreciatively) employed and being willing to be a relentlessly positive, just take-the-next-step oriented source.

Next, in the midst of the job search, plan a full day a week to ‘adventure.’  For the full-time job seeker, it is imperative to get relief from the fear and stress of being unemployed. Therefore, setting aside a planned day to support a passion or hobby or do things that could not be enjoyed if one were employed can provide enormous benefits. Finally, be open to finding the job opportunity ANYWHERE. That means connecting with joggers in the park, fellow dog-walkers, friends in that photography, music or art class you’re going to attend or in any number of other situations your daily life offers. And, believe it will happen SOON.

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