We all know it’s good to exercise.  Watch our diet. Keep our thoughts positive. Meditate.  So why don’t we regularly do these life-improving things?Because we are human. And we operate on the self-defeating premise that unless we do things perfectly or all the time, it’s – well – why bother? So, we do nothing. And, that’s where we really hurt ourselves.We don’t have to exercise as if we’re preparing for the Olympics.  Or eat like we’re applying for a Paris runway (God forbid!).  And, we don’t have to aspire to Dalai Lama-like serenity.  But we do need to drop the ‘why bother?’ excuse and do something that resembles self-care. It’s never too late to start walking. Stop eating dessert. Sit down for just five minutes with all the noise turned off.  Those seemingly small acts can add up to seismic shifts.  It’s just like Nike says – JUST DO IT.

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