Ever wonder why the same disappointing or nasty things keep happening to you over and over again?

I know I do.

Sometimes it’s amazing that it takes me so long to understand that this has something to do with ME!

That some unconscious belief or unfortunate bit of mis-learning is continually creating circumstances that I don’t like or want. Over and over again.

So, what to do?

First, admit it. 

I create my own stuff.  I am, in fact, committed to this stuff whether or not I like it. And, I am the only one who can change this unhappy circumstance.

 I have to start by replacing those mostly unconscious loyalties to the way I do things or think things that produce unhappy sometimes really bad results with thoughts, practices and goals that support the purposeful, productive things I’d like to achieve.

So, if I want the life I say I want but don’t have – it’s that simple. It’s mine to fix. No excuses.

And if I don’t?  Well, as Ricky would certainly say, “I got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

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