Expert Business Coach and PhD Psychologist track down self-defeating habits and behaviors. Ft. Lauderdale,  FL  In a revealing new program – Four BIG Steps to Stop Self-Sabotage – Expert Business Coach, Joyce K. Reynolds, has teamed up with Dr. Janie Kondell, PsyD to bring awareness and focus to this little discussed barrier to professional and personal success. The need for such a program is evident in the common reaction to the question ‘Are you CHOOSING failure?’:  That’s a stupid question. Who in their right mind chooses failure?  In fact, the answer is that millions of people – unknowingly – DO choose failure in the form of self-defeating behaviors. There is no logic or reason behind these behaviors.  In fact, most people would argue that they are not self-defeating. But, they repeat behaviors over and over again even when they know they’re not working. They put distractions in front of pressing matters, operate from a negative perspective or simply don’t take care of themselves.  They just don’t recognize such behaviors as seriously self-defeating. In many cases, there is no lack of desire that holds people back, no shortage of talent or skills.  There’s no rational explanation for why – in the face of possible success or enjoyment – they throw the proverbial monkey-wrench into the works which leads directly to failure or disappointment.     “This may be the most frustrating of conditions when intelligent, interesting and attractive people can’t succeed because of bad internal messages, limiting beliefs or general unawareness of how much they have to do with their unsatisfying situations,” states Reynolds. “The most powerful negatives in our lives are the unconscious, deliberate, subversive things we do to abort our own success. They are not obvious or big but often the routine things we say to ourselves or the bad patterns we don’t spot or those we just ignore. These are the things that continue to lead us not just away from success but often directly to defeat.”     Dr. Kondell says, “We see people all the time under terrible mental and emotional stress who have no awareness of how their own behaviors and habits are bringing on their biggest problems. Clients say ‘I want this to change’ when they really need to be saying ‘I want to change this.”  Getting into a mode of awareness and accountability is a big first step. Just recognizing that we are often internally conflicted – at war with ourselves – can help open the door to improvement.  Reynolds and Kondell are opening that door.    Step One of this program provides a free online assessment that will help identify whether or not the taker has a problem with self-defeating behaviors.  Steps Two through Four are paid parts of the program that allow participants to identify the behaviors, get a wider, outside view of their challenges and develop solutions that will lead them away from self-defeating behaviors to more successful outcomes.    GO TO and take the free assessment NOW.

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