An economic downturn can force the unprepared company into a reactive mode driving it away from its purpose. Definitive steps that can help to avoid this undesirable outcome include remaining calm and focused. 

Insisting on optimism inside the organization.  Realizing that while economic slowdowns are uncomfortable, they are not unmanageable.  Businesses need to be prudent, step back and evaluate the effects of current downward trends on their plans. Those that stay strategically focused on the purpose that brought them success will not only survive – they will thrive. 

As always, attitude plays a major rolein the outcome for the individual company. If an economic downturn is viewed as an opportunity for management to refocus on what’s really important – the heart and soul of the business – chances are good that the company will strengthen itself. Staying in touch with the big picture, avoiding fear-based decisions that shrink a company’s  strengths instead of capitalizing on them will also keep business on track.   

During challenging times, the focused company that identifies and invests in its strengths emerges much more successfully than a company that implements arbitrary, across-the-board cuts. A powerful company purpose, communicated effectively, unifies and motivates employees, making them feel valued and helps instill faith in the organization which is a vital ingredient in maintaining stability during rough times.

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