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However deeply buried, we ALL have them.


Often they are forced underground. Forgotten. Unacknowledged. Sometimes even feared.

In fact, we are designed to have dreams – great and small – and miss an invaluable part of ourselves when we deny or avoid those of the sleeping or waking variety.

Our dreams are our witness.

They often quietly couch aspirations.

Hopes that are slyly hidden from our conscious minds or masked by fear.

However cloaked in mystery, our dreams are fascinating narratives filled with a melange of meanings. If we can jump over our superstitions or misgivings, ignite our curiostiy and be open to our dreams, they will gift us with great rewards.

We can pick through the interesting, often disjointed particles and find new information about ourselves. Uncover hidden promise or direction or creative expression.

We might stumble onto a key that will release long-hidden possibilities.  Unravel a problem.  Find courage to take a new direction.

Dreams help us remember, process, proceed with greater clarity and imagination. They give us lift and inspiration. 

Meaingless, idle, mental chatter?  I think not. So, let’s dream away.

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