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Sometimes we don’t know we’re doing it. We think  it’s just safer to stay under the radar. Smarter to remain out of the line of fire. More comfortable to hide out and avoid confrontation.

It may seem that this strategy will make life easier, more manageable. And, on occasion, maybe it does.

But, when we routinely avoid the spotlight, make ourselves small in order to feel safe, we also sacrifice a lot.

This kind of hiding out is really radical people pleasing. Going beyond being nice to being invisible where we simply can’t offend anyone.

Ultimately, this behavior will mask our uniqueness – kill our potential –  dilute our power. In the end, lead to losing ourselves.

Next time you’re tempted to back up,  duck down or play small,  quickly ask yourself if making someone else comfortable is worth the price of your well-being.

We each have a rightful place in life. Something to say. Clearly, there’s a proper time and place but making sure we are seen and heard is essential to our success, our happiness, our well-being.

Well worth the price of exposure.

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