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Merriman-Webster defines ‘resistance’ as the inherent ability of an organism to resist harmful influences.  Harmful.  Hm. That would make resistance a good thing. Yet, others say that what we resist persists.  Now that sounds really harmful. So, which is it? Perhaps both.On the plus side, we certainly want to be resistant to illness.  To illicit temptations. To unwarrented risks.  It’s when we find ourselves resisting the doing of things that will help us, enhance us as individuals and contributors to society that things can get ugly.In fact, there are countless good things that we resist:  change; learning; fully expressing our creativity; commitment; taking a stand on important matters.  Just a few examples where resistance can turn into massive procrastination or dangerous malaise. And, trying to fight resistance (no, this is not a redundancy) doesn’t work. Resistance produces negative strength.  So anything we are tyring to overcome is actually reinforced by our resistance to it.  What we really need to do is form opposition to what we don’t want in our lives rather than settle into resistance. Instead of hating war, love peace.  Instead of feeding fear, nourish freedom.  Instead of allowing resistance to obstruct our progress, our success, we define it as the enemy and place opposition in front of it.

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