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WOW –  It’s been way TOO long since I last blogged!  Moving home/office merely an excuse! It’s OVER!  As you can see – I’m OPEN FOR BUSINESS – NOW!

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One of my friends mentioned that part of the homework he was helping his 7-year-old do involved looking at a picture of a glass of water.

First, the kid was asked to label it either half-full or half-empty.

Next was to address whether or not there was any clear difference between the two.

My first thought was – I would have loved to have that teacher or – at least – been asked that question as a 7-year-old.

The second was to actually try and make the differentiation.  No luck there.

Which takes us back to the lesson.

It’s entirely up to us how we view it – half-full or half-empty.

Pity for many of us that we don’t automatically see the advantage in choosing the former.

Fortunately, there’s always opportunity to change. 

I, for one, am working on it.

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tears2a.jpgOver 4,000 books on the happiness subject have been published in the past ten years. It seems to be the most sought-after yet elusive thing people crave.

So what’s the problem?

It could be our too-high expectations.  It could be our outward-rather-than-inward focus.  It could just be our definition or (mis)understanding of happiness. 

Frankly, I think the real problem is our lack of self-affection. 

So, instead of thinking that we must improve our material, physical or relationship circumstances, we might just want to focus on all the things about ourselves that are good and comforting and fun and promising.  That puts us square in the essence.  On the journey.  In the moment.  And, it makes happiness just one changed thought away.

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Most people answer ‘yes’ to this question but, the primary reason for confusion, failures and seemingly irreconcilable differences between individuals and teams is inferior communication.  Learning to effectively communicate – up and down – is the means to self-determination and success in both business and personal matters. Start improving the communications performance of your organization today.  

  • Saving time and money by reducing misunderstandings and misdirection
  • Building better teams through listening and communication
  • Motivating people by making them feel heard and appreciated
  • Reducing turnover by communicating clearly and minimizing frustrations
  • Improving work relationships and your own performance
  • Understanding people better before you act
  • Getting on the other person’s wavelength first, so that your words and actions are on target
  • Collaborating, facilitating, and persuading more effectively.


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