Even for those of us who are so used to feeling anxious or scared that we hardly notice, fear has now gotten our full attention. Whether it’s about our personal insecurities, the job, finances, relationships, the future or war – fear seems to be gnawing at our every conscious nerve.  This level of fear can either propel us into futilely trying harder to control situations, lead us to hopelessness and self-neglect or motivate us to stamp it out of our lives – no matter what. 

Fear is contagious.  It spreads like wildfire in a dry season.  And often is far worse than conditions or facts warrant.  Furthermore – as Franklin D. Roosevelt suggested when he said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” –  fear can actually bring on problems that would otherwise not occur. A very good reason to refuse to let fear rule your mind. 

How, then, do we manage our fears especially in such troubled times? 

.  Be realistic about the level of risk or challenge you are facing.

.  Do not dramatize.  Reality can be bad enough without ‘awfulizing.’

.  Look for positive inspiration EVERYWHERE.

.  Find a safe outlet for expressing your fears.  Sharing with a trusted friend can be very helpful as l long as he or she does not go negative.

.  Relentlessly focus on the good stuff and reside in gratitude.

.  Find time and energy to help others.

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