dontstop.jpgI am frequently reminded both personally and professionally that along the route to self-discovery and growth we can encounter messy business. That sometimes things get worse before they get better.  That it’s essential to keep going especially when things get tough or we can easily wind up in a worse place than when we started.

After all, it is a process

If we want to be self-aware – want to change and improve – we have to be willing to endure the growth process with all its potential pains, confusions, embarrassments and resistance. 

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, “To reach a port, we must sail. Sail not tie at anchor. Sail not drift.”

Even if we’ve never been at sea, we know that rough waters are inevitably encountered.  So it is with our personal and/or professional journeys.  We have to set sail and expect – at some point – to encounter rough waters even as we maintain our course.

When we understand that the journey IS the reward, our willingness surfaces, our endurance strenghtens,  and our progress comes more quickly.

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