Most of us are familiar with the concept of Emotional Intelligence.  You know, the evaluation system made popular by researchers Peter Salovey and John D. Mayer involving the ability to monitor – and presumably adjust – not only our own feelings and emotions but those of others.One result of their work is that many believe EI demonstrates how competencies such as self-confidence, initiative and rapport with others contribute to the bottom line of any work organization. But what about our MOOD and the impact it has on those around us? According to a recent article in the Harvard Business review, the thing that most influences a company’s bottom-line performance is not emotional intelligence but the mood of its own leaders.  They call it ‘mood contagion’ and I’m sure we’ve all encountered it.  Perhaps we’ve even set it off or had a hand in spreading it. When it’s good – it’s very, very good.  When it’s bad – it’s toxic.Think about it.

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