Consciously looking for reasons to laugh is often the thing that just makes it happen. The key is to put into place invitations for laughter.  Look for humor everywhere – on signs, in people’s behavior, in the silly mistakes you make. Or, ignore all the bad news and look for a few laughs as you read your daily newspaper. Believe me, you’ll find them.Here are a few real examples:Publicize your business absolutely free! Send $6.Marijuana Issue Sent To Joint Committee.Open House – Body Shapers Toning Salon. Free coffee & donuts.Air Head Fired.Kids Make Nutritious Snacks.Typhoon Rips Through Cemetery. Hundreds Dead.Man Struck by Lightning Faces Battery Charge.Teacher Strikes Idle Kids.Exercise Equipment: Queen size mattress & box spring – $175.Free Puppies: 1/2 cocker spaniel -1/2 sneaky neighbor’s dog.For Sale: Complete 45-volume set of Encyclopedia Britannica. $1,000.00 or best offer. No longer needed. Got married last weekend. Wife knows everything. And then there’s this classic:youdecide.jpgNow – go find your own and have a good laugh!

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