crop.JPGIt’s been barely six months since I had to put my little boy to rest. 

We spent almost seventeen years together and I can still remember the day I brought him home. I promised him a life of love, adventure, fun, undisturbed naps and – most of all – no suffering. Already on that first day when he was just three months old, I dreaded the inevitable. It came all too fast.

Our time flew by and – though he was a valiant warrior to the end – he told me when it was time to go.  And, I had to keep my promise.

I think he knew what a terrible gap he’d leave. How much I’d miss his mischief, his unconditional love, his warmth and companionship. 

And, I do. Oh, I do. Every day. Every night. And, always in between.

Can I possibly find another little guy to fill SugarFoote’s little paws?  Never.  Ever. Ever. And, I don’t know yet what I’ll do about that.

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