Winfrey is signing off network TV next January and launching her OWN – yes, OWN, network.  And, yes, again – everybody’s dreaming about becoming the new Oprah. Or – at least – getting their OWN TV talk show.

That’s because Winfrey and reality TV producer Mark Burnett are tantalizing the women of America with nationwide auditions to do just that. 

And, as they’re asking if YOU think you have what it takes, I’M getting calls!

Why?  Because people are spending serious money to prepare for their chance in front of the NOW panels that are showing up in major cities across the country.

It’s probably the biggest long-shot in the world for anyone to think they’ll be plucked from obsurity to the new NOW network to replace Oprah, but here’s the good news.

Anyone who is preparing to compete for this slot is going to find out a lot about herself that can truly enhance her life – win or lose for NOW!

Just yesterday, I spent double time with a gorgeous, talented young woman who is flying to Atlanta to audition.   As I prepared her for all the possibilities – well, those we could imagine – she became more and more aware of her own magical back story. 

As I quizzed her about her origins, her dreams, her talents and her motives, helped her become aware of her meaningful experiences and frame of reference, it became clear that she had great story.

By the time she left,  I (as a former special interest film creator/producer)  had created an exciting show for her to present.  A meaningful, motivating, inspiring REAL possiblity for NOW to consider.

Whether she makes the cut or not, she walked away with a whole new perspective on her OWN life!

So if you ever wonder what makes a Coach’s life really exciting – that’s it.  I get people to see how meaningful, interesting and exciting their own lives really are with or without their own TV show. 

That’s a real win-win. 

I say – bring ’em on.  And. by the way, thanks, Oprah!

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