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It’s widely known that intention plays the ultimate role in helping us achieve our goals.

That it’s what we focus on – whether positive or negative – that becomes more prominent in our lives.

Unless we want to live a random, undirected life, we must begin to place our intentions on paper so we can support our stated purpose and goals.

But few of us do this kind of deliberate, focused work on our own behalf.


Sometimes,  it’s because we doubt our ability to bring our dreams to fruition. So, we kill them or bury them so deep that we can’t access them much less apply mental pressure to making them come true.

Often we realize that stating goals and dreams has great consequence and that makes us uneasy. 

Some of us actually feel so undeserving of our dreams that we simply won’t acknowledge them.

Whatever the reason, if we are not satisfied with life as it is, it is our responsibility and well within our power to change things.

Yes – by simply setting an intention.

So, if there’s something about your life that you’d like to see improved or changed, I invite you to take the Intention Challenge.

Simply put a little jar on your desk along with a stack of index cards or stickies.

Every time you think about your goal – whether with doubt or hope – WRITE DOWN your intention to fulfill that dream and drop the paper into the jar. Do this often. Repeatedly. With belief and faith.

Choose carefully because you will be AMAZED at how fast your goal is realized.  How quickly your positive, affirmative intention drives the result that you want.

Once that first goal is reached, you know what to do.

Go on to the next one.

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