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mistakeabc.jpgIt happens.

To all of us.

All the time.

In fact, we’re SUPPOSED to make mistakes. That’s how we learn.

So why do we feel so bad when we do?

Maybe it’s because so many parents, teachers, coaches (of the sports variety) and others give us such a hard time when we err. Maybe it’s because we simply find it difficult to accept that making mistakes is part of being human. That no one ever learned a thing by being perfect.

The fact is that no one gets even close to perfect without making countless mistakes keeping in mind Edison’s admitted 1,000 before coming up with the light bulb.

So ignore everything bad you’ve heard in the past about mistakes.

Mistakes are good. Mistakes are healthy. Mistakes are about learning. Ultimately, mistakes teach us a lot – even if it’s just about forgiveness.

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