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“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”

No one seems certain who penned this quote but one thing is clear –  whoever it was spoke a profound truth.

And expressed a beautiful, most welcome sentiment. 

Sad that my first reaction is – don’t hold your breath.

With a world increasingly mired in war, hate and discord, it’s hard to imagine love flowing in or peace ever arriving.

Which – for those of us who care about such things – makes our job of promoting harmony a lot more urgent.

Simply put, we will be overrun by mounting ugliness if we don’t set our minds every day to blowing kisses of love to our world. 

To passionately sending out messages of peace.

Or dedicating some small portion of each day to gentle, spiritual thinking, prose and pose.

If all that happens is our gaining some moments of deep satisfaction and safety, our exercise of sending out love will have enormous benefit. 

If not for the world at large – then for us.

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