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Very few of us are feeling like it’s raining money these days.

Or that it’s growing on trees.

But, that’s our fault.

We’ve bought into the fear that there’s not enough money. That the sources have dried up. We just can’t find or earn it.

We actually think that the money market’s been cornered by the super wealthy and there’s none left for the rest of us.

Frankly, it’s all a lot of victim thinking that’s keeping us from growing, being prosperous for ourselves and generous with others.

At the heart of the matter is our disbelief. 

There is no shortage of money. There’s no more or less of it. Whatever is out there just keeps moving around. And if we’re experiencing our six-degrees of separation from money – well – we need to challenge our beliefs. Especially stop thinking it’s ‘their fault.’

We begin to take charge by discovering whether we’re being victims or warriors when it comes to our money. Martyrs and fools or creators and innovators. Scared kids or grown ups in charge.

The truth is, we can always make money if we – relentlessly, stubbornly and faithfully – believe we can.

All it takes is a change of mind which will lead to new thinking, ideas, possibilities and  – eventually – willingness and courage to take new actions in the direction of our wealth and well-being.

We start with determination to not let the world tell us we can’t be comfortable, prosperous or rich.

We plant our money tree and watch it take root, flower and grow strong.

I’m watching mine do just that.  How about yours?



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Those who want the best of their professional and personal lives are the ones most likely to seek out the services of a Business Coach. Often these are highly successful people who simply need help in meeting the heady challenges of organizing and managing their own complex lives – on and off the job. These are people who appreciate the support, guidance, innovation and perspective a good Business Coach can supply.   

The Coach and the client form a unique partnership focused on the fulfillment of the client’s objectives, the Coach becoming the trusted guide and advocate for success. The result is creative, innovative solutions to problems forthrightly revealed. Better decisions are made. Further leadership skills are identified and cultivated.  Powerful professional insights more readily occur. Individuals and organizations flourish. Responding to top organizational needs for intelligent, objective, supportive interaction and options, the exceptional Business Coach will assist in establishing the most ideal, energized, productive and ethical workplaces while harmonizing and balancing the business and personal lives of those involved.  


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Are you getting the ultimate professional results you want?Is your management style working successfully for you and your organization?Has your business become your life?  Are you doing what REALLY matters to you? Are you very successful but feel that ‘something’ is missing in your life? Is there a sense of struggle, incompleteness, dissatisfaction in your life? Have you given up your dreams in order to make a living? Are you spending more time working than living life? Do you question what you are doing professionally even if you are successful? Are you ready to make major changes? Are your relationships as cooperative, co-creative and satisfying as you would like?Are you sacrificing your present for your future? Are you working harder and enjoying it less? Do you have important projects that are having difficulty completing? Would you appreciate having a reserve of time for yourself? Would you like to have a more manageable, well-balanced life?If you answered ‘yes’ to ANY of these questions, you would benefit from workingwith a Business Coach.

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face16.jpgBecoming a Truly Effective Leader.  

First, understand that truly effective leadership is not a solo act. The success of an organization hinges on all levels of the company being inspired and motivated to work towards mutual goals. The truly effective leader understands how imperative it is to attract and develop individuals who are also strong leaders in their own right, able to make effective decisions and think strategically.   The best leaders also understand what’s required of them and they meet the challenges of their offices with great immediacy and proficiency. Charisma counts but, by itself, is insufficient to make someone a great leader.  Communication is key. Letting people clearly know where they stand. Openly providing information especially in today’s uncertain business times. The ability to lead with calm and strength while mastering exceptional management skills is one of today’s greatest – and most rewarding – challenges.

1.  Create then relentless pursue a unifying vision.    Present a compelling image of what your organization can aspire to do and what steps it must take to reach the heights you have foreseen.  Create a sense of ‘wholeness’ around your ideal that will –  through intelligence, optimism, discipline and commitment – lead to possibilities formerly unreachable.  2.  Be clear on the difference between leadership and management. The truly effective leader arranges for the growing, successful experience of the organization, transforming learning into substance and power. The mission is to envision and articulate the purpose of the business and guide the organization in a direction that will successfully accomplish its stated goals. Far beyond the scope of day-to-day management, effective leaders have a vision of the future and know how to communicate it. They create a framework for change and motivate others to head in healthy, profitable directions in order to accomplish the highest aims of the business. 3.  Promote outstanding leadership around you.

Co-create and model flexibility and adaptability within your organization. Put   aside your ego and judgment of others. Place people before strategy or profits. Engender and develop trust. Ask questions that invite initiative, enlarge accountability and result in big picture buy-in. Focus on the benefits of healthy corporate self-esteem and a high level of performance throughout the organization. Energize and motivate people so they can present breakthrough thinking and improved problem-solving capabilities. In short, create a platform for bringing out the best in people so they can achieve the highest level of performance. 

4.  Challenge your organization to support the leadership process.

Success hinges on high-level commitment to integrating effective leadership into the entire organization. Develop a high-performance environment through inspired, unified management. Motivate your team to powerfully demonstrate leadership by facing challenges and problems with courage, expertise and immediacy.

5.  Be solution-minded and opportunity-driven.

According to Stephen Covey, “Effective leaders feed opportunities and starve problems.” The most successful leaders also think fully in the solution, act quietly and calmly but with determination while allowing people to experiment with new procedures and behaviors.

6.  Be generous with praise, short on blame.

German metaphysician Johann von Goethe said, “Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being.”  Consistently credit others for their good work. Accept part of the responsibility when results are less than desired. Your organization will grow and flourish if you have set high standards, articulated them clearly, praised the members of your organization as they begin to reach them, listened closely and responded to feedback.  

7.  Keep pushing your organization to breakthrough.

Pave the way for breakthrough thinking and communication that will bring about increasingly high levels of achievement. Focus on increased momentum behind consistent effort. Keep the ultimate goals in front of your organization at all times. Never accept mediocrity.  Translate the message of Lao Tzu into company-wide inspiration: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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