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We’ve all experienced it. A sudden sense of forboding. 

A scary feeling that something bad is about to happen and it will rock our world. 

These sensations create fear. They shake our confidence and disturb our forward mometum.

So, what actually is happening in moments like these?

Are we experiencing a premonition? An instant of intuition? Genuine psychic warning?

While sometimes such feelings do presage danger – tipping us off to something we need to avoid or address – often they signal something more insidious.

Rather than some extraordinary advance knowledge, we might just be getting a glimpse of our general world view.  Our frightened and negative inner landscape which – left unchecked – will bring to fruition many an errant warning. That will turn our deepest, unaddressed fears into self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s true that we live in an increasingly unsettled world which makes feelings of foreboding entirely understandable. 

It is urgent in exactly times like these that we challenge fear-induced  expectations. Determine their origins and the validity of their warnings.

Unless there is immediate reality to them, we can take time to evaluate our situation. Take steps to calm our frayed nerves. Regain a sense of stability and inner, spiritual safety.

In moments subsequent to unbidden inner quakings, we can recognize our need for self-care. And, instead of bowing to our fears, take a deep breath. Say a small prayer. Then take a moment to locate and surrender to our more loving inner selves. 

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