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Very few of us are feeling like it’s raining money these days.

Or that it’s growing on trees.

But, that’s our fault.

We’ve bought into the fear that there’s not enough money. That the sources have dried up. We just can’t find or earn it.

We actually think that the money market’s been cornered by the super wealthy and there’s none left for the rest of us.

Frankly, it’s all a lot of victim thinking that’s keeping us from growing, being prosperous for ourselves and generous with others.

At the heart of the matter is our disbelief. 

There is no shortage of money. There’s no more or less of it. Whatever is out there just keeps moving around. And if we’re experiencing our six-degrees of separation from money – well – we need to challenge our beliefs. Especially stop thinking it’s ‘their fault.’

We begin to take charge by discovering whether we’re being victims or warriors when it comes to our money. Martyrs and fools or creators and innovators. Scared kids or grown ups in charge.

The truth is, we can always make money if we – relentlessly, stubbornly and faithfully – believe we can.

All it takes is a change of mind which will lead to new thinking, ideas, possibilities and  – eventually – willingness and courage to take new actions in the direction of our wealth and well-being.

We start with determination to not let the world tell us we can’t be comfortable, prosperous or rich.

We plant our money tree and watch it take root, flower and grow strong.

I’m watching mine do just that.  How about yours?



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September 23, 2010.  3-4 p.m. Thursday-Saturday.

Save the date so you can tune in to WWNN 1470 AM radio in South Florida to welcome Liz Sterling and me back on the air.

Our Mission:  To be a preeminent broadcast and media source delivering  smart, quality, upbeat programming on a wide variety of current topics. To stimulate listeners to become innovative, passionate and encouraged by presenting alternative ways of understanding our changing world.

Our Vision:  To assist listeners to live more well-informed, happier, healtier lives by providing expert, business and personal commentary resulting in increased accountability, greater community awareness and innovative enterprise.

I’m in the delicious phase of creating my weekly segment so stay tuned.  More to follow.

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